Tennis Elbow / Golfer’s Elbow

Tennis and golfer’s elbow refers to an overuse or repetitive strain injuries affecting the muscle groups that move your wrist – the wrist extensors and wrist flexors – and can develop as a result of any repetitive task, such as keyboard/mouse use, repetitive lifting or carrying, chopping, loading through the wrist or any sports, not exclusively tennis and golf. The wrist flexor and extensor muscles run the length of your forearm and attach around the elbow. You may experience pain or tenderness at the wrist, or further up around the elbow. This can vary between being a dull ache or a sharp pain. It is most often aggravated by closing your fist, turning actions – such as turning taps or opening a jar, and lifting, especially with the palm down – like carrying groceries or pouring a full kettle. Physiotherapy can assist in managing and reducing your pain, and preventing pain from recurring. We can also trial taping techniques to reduce load on the muscles and tendons, and order you a supportive brace if required.

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