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Physiotherapy and Commonly Treated Conditions

Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession focused on the assessment, diagnosis and management of musculoskeletal pain, injury and disease. Physiotherapists treat an enormous range of conditions. Some examples of commonly treated conditions include: spinal pain, repetitive strain injuries and tendinopathy, postural pain disorders, “frozen shoulder”, arthritis and common sporting injuries such as knee, ankle and calf injuries. Physiotherapists treat patients of all ages.

At Claremont Physiotherapy and Clinical Pilates, we utilize a range of treatment techniques targeted to your specific pain or injury to assist in managing symptoms efficiently and effectively. We understand that you are busy, and don't want pain slowing you down! We have physiotherapists with varied areas of special interest and post-graduate qualifications, to ensure you are able to obtain the best results and a smooth recovery.

Our physiotherapy services include:

  • Manipulative/mobilisation therapy
  • Dry needling/trigger point acupuncture
  • Pre-operative conditioning and post-operative rehabilitation
  • Treatment and rehabilitation for sporting injuries
  • Specialised treatment of upper limb, neck and upper back injuries and pain with Bruce Paulik in our Claremont Shoulder & Neck Clinic
  • Special interest in chronic spinal pain with Karlee Cannon, utilizing the Sarah Key Method
  • Clinical Pilates classes run by a physiotherapist in small group sessions with individually tailored sessions
  • Real-time ultrasound assessment of muscle function and preliminary injury assessment
  • Electrotherapy, including ultrasound therapy, electrical stimulation, biofeedback.

Appointments at Claremont Physiotherapy and Clinical Pilates are 30-40 minutes in duration, for your initial assessment and any subsequent appointments. These extended session times allow our physiotherapists to complete a thorough examination and provide both treatment and advice for the best self-management strategies.


Sometimes clients are unsure whether physiotherapy is the best treatment option for their pain. At other times, they are unsure if physiotherapists can treat the problem they are suffering. At Claremont Physiotherapy, our experienced physiotherapists treat a wide variety of common conditions. Please read below for a list of common conditions.

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Conditions Treated


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Our physiotherapists are experts in the management of musculoskeletal pain, injury and disease.
Clinical Pilates
Clinical Pilates
Clinical Pilates is a versatile form of exercise used to treat a range of conditions.
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Massage Therapy
Massage is a treatment method applied to alleviate muscular pain and tightness.