Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates at Claremont Physiotherapy

Clinical Pilates is a popular and highly versatile form of exercise, suitable for people from all levels of fitness and activity. It is an individually tailored exercise, allowing your physiotherapist to work with you to achieve your exercise goals, whatever those goals may include.

Clinical Pilates works on a variety of muscle groups – primarily the abdominal muscles, gluteals and deep lumbar spine muscles which assist in supporting your spine, pelvis and torso. This is commonly termed “core stability”. There is also a focus on the postural muscles throughout the upper back and neck. This helps to prevent and manage postural pain, which is increasingly more common. Clinical Pilates incorporates muscular strengthening, neuro-muscular stretching and dynamic movement co-ordination, control and balance exercises.

Remedial Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates can be used to address both acute (short-term) and chronic (long-term) injury and pain. It is effective in assisting to manage, reduce and prevent both spinal pain and other joint pain such as gradual onset injuries, sporting injuries, arthritic pain and postural pain. Clinical Pilates is beneficial in pre- and post-operative rehabilitation.

It is widely understood that pain affects muscular function and movement control. This is especially apparent with spinal pain, but present with pain affecting all joints. Whether you have sustained a recent injury, or have been suffering pain for an extended time, Clinical Pilates can assist in identifying muscles which may be over- or underactive and work towards achieving balance between muscle groups. Additionally when guided by a physiotherapist, each Clinical Pilates session will incorporate exercises for joint mobility, neural stretching and postural correction that are specific to your body and assist directly with reducing your pain!

Clinical Pilates for Athletes

Clinical Pilates can be tailored to athletes who are training at any level. It is a fantastic adjunct to existing sports and training, and can help you to improve your efficiency in exercise. Many athletes are surprised to hear this, or think that Clinical Pilates is “too gentle” for them. However, the various apparatus used in Clinical Pilates – even the humble fitball and foam roller – can be used in a multitude of ways to strengthen your deep stabilising muscles. Indeed Clinical Pilates was originally targeted at professional and elite level ballet dancers and gymnasts, and who can argue with their incredible strength, poise and athleticism?

Clinical Pilates for athletes can help increase the endurance of your stabilising muscles which translates directly to greater muscle efficiency, thus less fatigue and a lower injury risk, as well as a greater capacity for wattage output. This is because when your deep stabilising muscles become fatigued, your ‘prime mover’ muscle groups begin contributing to stabilising the torso, shoulder girdle and/or pelvis. This results in a loss of power output, as the muscles are now dividing their effort between stabilising the body and generating strength. With targeted Clinical Pilates, you are able to increase the endurance of the deep stabilising muscles and optimize the muscle function allowing the ‘prime mover’s’ to focus their full strength on the task at hand. You will also be able to work with your physiotherapist to train dynamic posture and sports-specific technique, as well as global strength and conditioning.

In addition to all of those amazing benefits, your Clinical Pilates will incorporate exercises for injury prevention and techniques for self-management. This will include targeted stretching and soft tissue releases, and advice and ongoing discussion with your physiotherapist regarding your training.

Clinical Pilates during pregnancy

If you are already a Clinical Pilates enthusiast, and hoping to start a family, the great news is that you can continue throughout the full term of pregnancy. You should let your physiotherapist know you are pregnant, or are trying to fall pregnant, so that they are able to adjust your exercise program accordingly.

Clinical Pilates can be resumed early post-partum, once the “haze” of having your new-born baby wears off! Clinical Pilates offers a gentle re-introduction to exercise and assists in strengthening your abdominals and preparing your body for a return to other forms of exercise. It is also helpful in reducing any pain you may have developed during or after pregnancy.

If you are new to Clinical Pilates, it is recommended that you discuss commencing Clinical Pilates with your GP before starting.

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Clinical Pilates
Clinical Pilates
Clinical Pilates is a versatile form of exercise used to treat a range of conditions.
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Massage Therapy
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